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The truth will not set you free.

It will start a fire inside of you. It will devour your dreams, make you hate yourself and humanity, and isolate you to the point of exhaustion.

At all costs, lie. Lies are the only thing which will soften your landing.

And trust me, at some point you are bound to fall.


Forget meaning

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In search of quietude,

I found the war again.

This endless horror of the mind

Convincing itself of the rational

For this death circus.

Home II

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I was raised in a valley

Where the pure water never passed my lips.

Why am I in this hell

A land of never peace.

No rest for the wicked here.


December 4, 2021 § 3 Comments

I wonder if I will ever see you again

My heart, my home.

To walk down the lane when the skies have freshly cleared

To watch to sea tickling the horizon

Breathe in your honeysuckle

Where the wild roses grow

And the sweet bees nuzzle

The wise horses tolerate your gaze.

My heart is full of grief for you

My dear and only love.

A funny thought

December 3, 2021 § Leave a comment

Your name is never Life.

You came to me as though in a dream.

You asked about miracles- whether they had all been used up.

I told you, step away from the wall. This is my place. Nobody told you to scream my name here, to throw your salty tears at me.

I’m grieving too, I mourned my people seven days, I warned them eight.

Don’t I too have a right to be alone here, and cry out, misery? Don’t I too have the right to shake my charity cup and threaten the children?

I’m keeping a cool head, but it’s not easy, being Ein Sof and Ein Od at the same time. I wish you would allow me to sleep for one day, and that the physics of reason would prevail.

Then, only then.

Where Am I?

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