Other Endings

August 31, 2021 § Leave a comment

I have been drinking in your darkness, August, though you promised me to be the brightest month, to shine big and bright like a summer moon.

You were full of warm darkness, like jasmine tea ebbing out of me.

I have loved you fully, and given you over one thousand kisses in your green hair.

You have danced with me under thirty degrees, and broken my masgan multiple times.

I do not trust you, though I have loved you faithfully, as a Good Woman ought.

Be good to me.

Little Tefila

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Apples and wine, and all things fine.

Bless me with a sweet new year, ever-patient higher authority.

Let this be a year of peace and acceptance, and fruit and abundance, and fulfilment.

Let me go forth and multiply, quietly.

Oceans Inside

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Treat me well, god of the water and the underworld.

I am your last hope here, in this quiet earth.

With me comes the promise of renewal, for I am in you, and you in me.

I have always felt you with me- I elevate you now.

Out with the tide I go.

Rosh Hashana Time

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I do not see the seasons change, so divorced am I from nature here.

But I feel it, in the air and sea temperature.

Here I am again, body full of love and hope, blind to my fragility and my mortality,

Expecting winter on a breeze.

My back stiffens, my shoulders shiver.

Welcome home, winter.

The Last Jewish Guy

August 29, 2021 § 2 Comments

He is the last Jewish guy, I told my friend.

She was swiping left and humming to herself.

The last Jewish guy I will ever date.

She looked up.

It has been ten years and more.

Too many dysfunctional Jewish guys, I said.

I’m moving on to the Scandinavians.


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Where are my children?

Summer of Love II

August 21, 2021 § Leave a comment

It can be hard to see, sometimes, where the water begins and where I end.

I am becoming a part of the ocean,

I wonder if this is what the summer of love was supposed to be-

The parting of waters and my return to myself.

A Summer’s End

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Bury your feet into the warm, cotton sand, crunch crunch

Hold your arms over the water, until the waves lap up at them, showering them with sticky, salty kisses, slap slap

Feel the light caress your dark edges, your corners, where your soul hides

Lay yourself bare to the sun god, the god of the water and the underworld

Yes, this is where everything ends and everyone begins

An ocean of sins.

Far from home

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August 15, 2021 § Leave a comment

They know the world is ending. Elephants, sharks.
Women who are intent on losing themselves in an ocean of diapers.

They abandon their habitats, travelling in packs.

Mate or die.

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