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Peace is not a battle won.

It is not a territory gained.

Peace is a state of mind.

Peace is a moral obligation upon the individual, to make peace with oneself is a good place to start.

Modernity, and all its freedoms, rests upon fragile, individual choices.


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Religion is the greatest intellectual and emotional injustice that humanity has inflicted upon itself.

There is never time for one wound to heal, before the next is slashed open.

For how much longer can this madness go on?

How can we tolerate the fool while punishing the wise?

They who see suffer for the sin of using their eyes.

The blind live in peace.

Those who close their eyes have already chosen the colour of their souls.


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When I grieve someone afresh, anew,

Little bursts of poetry spring forth.

My knowledge advances, my soul recedes.

The war is lost

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It’s all over now.

It was all down to the Humanities to hold the fort.

They submitted to Truth, recently approved by the Sciences.

All that stands between us and the ruin of civilisation are bookworms, and humbugs.

It’s downright bothersome.

Cafés, Civilisation

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Time for a little European darkness. Cuddled up in greens and greys in a huddle of damp coats and caps, we complain about external things, because we, civilised creatures, are already aware of and have grown tired of self-philosophising.

Sören Kierkegaard, 1941

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A man’s life is wasted when he lives on, so deceived by the joys of life
or by its sorrows, that he never becomes decisively conscious of himself
as spirit, as self, that is, he never is aware in the deepest sense that
there is a God.


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To Robert Frost

July 21, 2021 § 1 Comment

It’s over now.

All the good in me is gone.

Half Alive

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The final indignity.

Couldn’t you have waited until I am freshly dead, packed and prepared for you in a dark, cool, hole in the ground?


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In the ocean I am neither Jew nor Jewess
Neither animal, nor human;
I am just a bobbing thing
Breathing, living, loving.

Where Am I?

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