February 21, 2021 § 7 Comments

There is no doubt about it.

Justice is a dish best served cold.

The illusion of the presence of justice keeps society functioning- just.

How can society be at ease if justice and vengeance are considered seperate processes, one socially licensed, the other halachically forbidden?

Most people you meet have grand discourses, but they are just projecting. It helps them live with a vacuum of justice in a holy land.

§ 7 Responses to Politics

  • Do you know whom you’ll vote for this time? Are you attached to one particular party or candidate?

    • animalizard says:

      I feel like taking part in this election just enables the popluation to go on thinking that they have a functioning democracy here. Ultimately I don’t think an election will give us the deep, volcanic change we need here.

      • so you’ll abstain?

      • animalizard says:

        I don’t know…but I don’t feel there are any worthy sane candidates, having perused them all.

      • for me, the main goal is preventing Bibi from forming a gov’t ~ I’m not voting for a PM, I’m voting for somebody to make things difficult for Bibi.

        Basically, I just can’t see how we can move on until Bibi is no longer PM – once he’s gone, I think there will be a lot of realignment. (for better or worse, granted)

        but I’m really sick and tired of Bibi plus the ultra-Orthodox plus plus plus forming governments that ignore the will of the broader public

      • animalizard says:

        Understood. But I feel like I took that approach with the last election in the UK, to keep Corbyn out, but Boris Johnson has wreaked havoc on every level of the political, social and economic life of the UK. Keeping someone out and letting someone worse in…can happen.

      • well, I live in hope.

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