macaya sud.

November 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

haiti: no one sees you bleed, beyond their headline

more volcanic than a mountain: still and silent

on waiting for life to grow and surpass

the question of itself

so you should fall over yourself from the outside in: haiti

no one sees you bleed.

no one sees the earth open, and the water swallow you whole

for the sea knows there is such a thing as too much pain

and the sea knows there is, on touching night, a point of

no return. haiti

for all the creole moons that headlines like sunburn forced into scarring

for all the creole moons that remembered themselves into the passage of time

only by the tail of their whiteness, haiti

for all the stars named and shaped into the image of the fallen, for every star in focus

there is surrounding darkness. defined only by the presence of the stars and moons and bright, beautiful creole things

the stuff of dreams and folk

tales. haiti.

no one sees you bleed.

why travel past the stars into surrounding darkness, necessary to the story of the stars yet not worthy

of naming, haiti. haiti.

no one sees you.


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