on freedom.

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as though you could know possession. body

silence. freedom to escape the loop

you saw nothing nor nobody. nor should you name her your princess of the sands


body a shell once inhabited, no. possessing the shell does not mean you own the occupier


one cult’s whipcracking glorification of desire

strange meeting in the underworld

yearning singing unknowing men

who have turned prey to stone

and possession into the practise of art


to the sandwoman, escape yourself, but leave them the shell

so that they may always know

they could not pin you down to words, or art, the bond

is not the shell. the less knowing among them will take the shell

for you.


let them take their form of love as gospel

let them take their possession as a form of freedom. you will not change the elements

nor the waves you are, not that they know it;


breaking down the old shell into the kind

of sand


that stays seconds only in an open-fingered


thunder at noon

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time to digest what did not go wrong in surrealism

art like a darkness stretching its blindness before us

eyes on the house: emptiness.


in imagination rain comes clean, allowing us to punish its presence

by not taking part in its existence;

a comic wet sadness


summer of netherlanded hybrid

mono-grey and a return to the tuscan indoors:

as though firelight in a farmhouse kitchen could cure the sky outside of its acid darkness


that is the meaning of being.

not being meaningful, at all,


to empty the nest of its life-and-death dualism, and fly as though movement were a kind of freedom

and not possession of the body by the mind.


every colour loses its value in the context of a painting that does not respect its own silences.

the tyranny of knowing:

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