‘my god, a dream’

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on magic:

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music has moved my soul from whence it came; room without room for me

music has sold my soul for its sovereignty; ability to move my love-

to make me move.

if I could sing anything now, it would move the mountain under me

if I could touch anyone now, I would leave impressions ‘of me’


a screen we need to write about last night, the sweep

took away the tear you languished over. white nonsense.

that’s all it is.

see me:

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I’m all struck out of things to say

winter has carried my tongue away

melt the ice and see me


I’m all out of poetry

winter has frozen my ability

but like a boomerang:


wait a season. see me

In amore l’inverno non esiste/In inverno l’amore non esiste

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we heard:

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if there were, here, three worlds

on one globe

I’d know about it. the poem you hold

with your eyes, you would hold

with hands arms legs, splinters of one



in the conditional, there are no rapids frothing with certainty.


only the family of the first world feel that finality

of coming first.

we must shelter under them when the storms come.


after the storm, the sun

blazing on a white bicycle through the tropics

and onto the ice;

when it comes we will see everything


three worlds can have no colour

in the great, hot dawn

Arno: Poem on a Hot Night

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