January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

She writes the best letters. all stuck down
with rose tape and containing pictures
of Romans on penny farthings
flattened lollipops that ooze over unyoung
openings: dear katja, dear michael.

on one hand
there’s the markings of old biro
where it leaked between her middle
and forefingers. cuticles splashing in
an inky grave; wrinkles nurse
words dyed into folds on folds.
wrist frowning, veins ski down knuckle

on the other
there’s the thumb. always holding
dog-ears down, traceing line after line
of narration in wiry righthand
pushing creases into letter-centres
hunting for blunders under Private Eagle Eye
the Third.

Enter here:
water, hallmark, white zenith of word height
known. signed and signed again,
to and from. clean-cut replacement-

her realtime iron

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