Of Reason:

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

the cage of reason wraps its third party around the fourth opening
-blast, it’s gone
a freeman, noticing, the wheat dining on sunshine in the windy, windy

the mountain talks back, into a forestophone
a commune in Lombardy makes destination
on a whim: I’m en route
a postcard presents church, child, alps, dinner at nine, bible
the belt, the belt, the belt

four men play cards at a blue beach
the sea is coloured sand
canada comes up, to them, and puts her tongue on the table
-train me
one trades an ace, and a king
the king is crimson, and sad

I’m far. arches come, my bones leave town
the children are taught manners
we eat pasta. the appartamento is cool and gracious
the child throws the cat over the balcony
and into the ending
a football follows
when we arrive in the street neither
are to be seen. neighbours cast eyes into pot plants; I

pluck a white hair, to
soak up the street. I’m there.

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