I was born in the Laties

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m suddenly sad. I’m suddenly old. Seeing Adam? Yesterday I was sixteen, today I just am.

I don’t want to know know what love is. I don’t want you to show me.

What I do want is for everything to slow the slight down. I’d rather not see everything passing, I’d rather not. Yet because I have seen it once, I’ll ‘see’ it again, in spite of blindness.

And now he is not. I still am. We buried him.

It’s two AM. Really it’s one. Damn daylight saving time.

I don’t want to know what love is. I’m scared I’ll see the colours again, and then in time (like now) I will see everything that passed between.

I can’t write about this because it’s too hard. Everything flies. It does.

And I don’t want this.


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