When I say yellow, I mean yellow

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I didn’t meet my love at the gasworks wall. In fact I haven’t met my love at all.

I’ve had some dreams though. Last night you were welcoming in the winter in your leather warmers. This was a dream. You are a dream. Your left shoulder is a dream.

I haven’t ‘met’ my love. More and more I come to know the panic and the fever. I’ll be okay. You are my mother.

I’ve seen my love as large as thunder and as loud as day. I’ve seen her rolling in the snow beside the postbox and the pillar. I’ve seen her shifting from one foot to the other. I’ve seen my love loving another.

The phone rings loudly by the door. Will you answer her? Please be okay.

I can’t be okay for the entire world.

I’ve tried. I am a measurement, a metre and a bit. But that’s just it- that’s not enough.

Not for my love. She loves another.

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