Has it been a while?

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Or an hour at most since last I saw your ghost?

I’ve moved on. On a whim, that is. I don’t know if I decided to forget or if I just forgot.

Now I’m listening to Bobby singing ‘oobie doo’ and I feel at peace down to my sockless shoes and wet toes. No, I won’t be your Clara Bow or your good-time girl but I will be me, because it is my favourite thing to be.

Yesterday I went to see Yann play and we discussed your existence and he told me that in his fever, he had dreamt of a yellow light, a spotlight, and another. And they became a constellation, and he recorded their positions and gave them exciting names like ‘hay’ and ‘willow’. Well I never, said I with a bounce as I bowed to his genius.

And now I understand I’m writing to two people, or my ideas of whom or what they are or could possibly be if they wanted to walk beside me, shoes sockless and ties untied.

You don’t have to have eyes as black as thunderstorms or San Luis Obispo. You don’t have to play like Ivor Cutler. You just have to be not unlike me and not like me, and keep your dreams in your pocket and your heart between the third and the fourth layer of skin.

Possibly fifth.


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